Healthier, Wealthier and Happier

By making these tiny changes to the way you do things, you can create a richer, fitter and clamer version of the future ‘you’.

A large coffee —about 8-12oz can help you work out at a higher intensity without feeling like you’re trying harder, research suggests. The university of Florida discovered that it cuts your risk of Alzheime’s and oral cancer too.

Standing in a post office queue?
Contract and flex your abs. Waiting for the kettle to boil? Do some standing lunges. “How about doing slow and steady squats twice a day while brushing your teeth?” Says well being expert and yoga teacher Dani Binnington. Its a great way to build excersice into everyday moments.

Try working out with your other half. Forty three percent of couples who excersized separately gave up their gym memberships within a year, according to research by Indiana University. However, of those who worked out together, only 6.3 per cent jacked it in.

Store fruit and vegetables at eye level in the fridge rather than away in the drawer as you ‘re more likely to use it if you can see it.

Eating dinner infront of TV can increase your food intake by a whopping 10 per cent. “Watching TV or scanning social media diverts your attention so you dont register whehter you’re full or actually what those last few mouthfuls,” says weight-loss expert Dr Aria Campbell-Danesh. And research ha also shown that each hour of TV viewing is linked to an extra 167 calories being consumed.

Work out how much spending money you have left after essential outgoings, then transfer it out of your main bank account and into another with a separate debit or pre-paid card. That way, you wont spend it.
Set up minimum payments for all credit cards to avoid bank fees and text alerts from your bank.


Time-block your life. Sunday, Spend one hour inputing everything happening the next week into your online diary, So you know what you should be doing when – work, meetings, shopping, even spending time with family. By putting it down in writing, you’ll be happier and more organized.

“Use your commute to learn something. Everything from simple meditation techniques and new languages to audible books can be downloaded and listened to as you travel,”suggests life coach carole Ann Rice.
Jot down lovely things that people say to you or about you and keep them in a jar. Next time self doubt creeps in. Just dip into the jar for a little boost.

We waste so much time in sceneries whena tiny bit of effort could smooth the future path. Fix it. Stop saying “I’ll try” can be misinterpreted as “I will” and leads to others being disappointed and you feeling stressed. Instead say, “I’m sorry i can’t” and explain why, or say “I will” but set out your terms – you can do it next week or you’ll share the job. You’ll feel happier and more relaxed, and the other person will be clear about whats happening.

Dont multi-task, single task. Finish one thing before starting another and you’ll be amazed to find you still manage to get more stuff done, but you’ll end the day feeling significantly calmer and less hassled.