Best wishes to respected members.
The whole state is in election mode. Every where there is discussion about future government. In this scenario it is our Nobel right to caste the vote and bring a good candidate elected. So the Government in the power will work efficiently in the next five years for our state and city. Elected representatives are main pillars of Democracy and they are policy makers and planners. I am of opinion that every citizen of this country should caste his vote compulsory. This is a time that everybody should decide about our representatives considering there passion to work towards society, upliftmemt of poor and backward class but unfortunately one class of our society never coming out for voting and they enjoy voting day as Holiday or traveling and relaxing and afterwards discuss about corruption, non working of representatives, policies. In fact there should be a law for compulsory voting system.
After a70 year's of Independence we are still lacking to provide necessary infrastructure, clean drinking water, Good education and health to the citizens of this country because of such approach of non voting. Because of such situation Bad Elements and unwanted personalities enter into politics and they will become policymakers.
I appeal to all the class of society to caste the vote and become a part of the great exercise of Democracy Government of the people, by the people, for the people. Hopefully will do it .
With expecting good people government to come in power.

Rajendra Mutagekar

From the Desk of President...

Hope you all are enjoying GOOD summer holidays.
The entire state is in election mode campaign and media influencing all the general public to make up their mind to choose lawmakers of this state for next five years. We should choose now at this situation after demonetization and GST implementation, impact of this reforms are not still over for trades and industrial communities. There is need to elevate the situation about these reforms. Government and policy makers should see the difficulties of trade and industry sectors.
At this juncture it is to decide what type of representatives we require to elect who should understand our difficulties and explore the best possibilities of doing BEST to our sector. Election is a great exercise of people's to bring there own government of the people.
Trade and industry are not doing well. We need some boost from government. Some policies to review and make more public oriented.
Trade and industry sectors can influence the political parties to include some special policies for our sector in there election manifesto as commitment towards sector.
In this scenario our Airport is loosing it's importance because of central government schemes to boost the aviation sector. I appeal to all members to write letter to Honourable PRIME MINISTER, CHIEF MINISTER to include historic Belgaum Airport in UDDAN scheme. If we loose air connectivity it is a huge set back to our Smartcity and growth. Hoping the best to come.

Umesh Sharma