Dear Members and Dear Friends, Dear Members and Dear Friends, 

As Coronavirus spreads rapidly across the globe and India, which currently appears to go thru Phase 2, the main imperative for all of us is to ensure "SOCIAL DISTANCING".  

On Sunday, 22nd March'20 from 7 am till 9 pm, we should all participate in *Janta Curfew*. 


A Nation is its People.

As a socially responsible and an aware *BCCI MC member*, we need to go beyond this as it is our duty to take the lead and engage with the community in these difficult times as per our capacity.

I Know Many of You Have Already Implemented what needs to Be Done for Your establishments and Your Community.

But as the Hon'ble Prime Minister Said......Let us Not take this Casually and Do What's Necessary to Protect Our Nation from Further Spread of This Deadly Virus.

As a *MC member* we need to ensure that all the establishments are closed on 22nd March especially the *Trade fraternity* in and around Maruti Galli, Khadebazar , Shahapur areas , Raviwar Peth , other areas which are usually open on Sundays( having weekly off on Tuesday’s)  must be closed.  

*What needs to be done by all of us.*1. *Have the Flyer as your whatsapp status till tomorrow evening.*2. *Ensure the flyer reaches maximum number of people.*3. *Call up personally to your friends in trading community and request them to support Janta Curfew.*  4. *Each one of us must ensure that our neighboring shops & offices are closed and everyone of them support Janta Curfew. And also request them to spread the same message across their community.*   

I look forward to your support and implementation of whatever Actions are needed to tackle the crisis.

*This Storm Too, Shall Pass*

*Take Care. Stay Safe. Stay Strong*

Warm Regards, 

Kiran Agadi
Chairman -Trade Sector
Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

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Dear Members,

I am very grateful to Managing Committee members of the chamber for entrusting me the task of the editor of Belgaum chamber's News Letter for 2019-2020.

The new team of office bearers and M.C. members with the dynamic leadership of president shri. Shridhar Uppin, are confident that BCCI this year will achieve and deliver expectations of the trade and industry.

We thank the past president Mr. Mahesh Bagi and his team for successfully completing their responsibilities. The past editor Mr. Kiran Agadi has set a bench – mark and I am committed to do my best and add value.

We request all members to come forward and actively participate and join hands in the activities of the chamber. Your articles and feedbacks are solicited.


Question: Who is Responsible?

Answer: We the People

This year's floods in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Kerala, have severely affected the villages and towns damaging the houses, crops, animals and livelihood of lakhs of marginalised farmers, they lost everything earned and invested. They are blank and have to start from the scratch.

Why these kinds of disasters are happening year after year? If man continues abusing the Hills, Ghats, Forests and Rivers as per his whims and fancies which leads to severe imbalance in the eco system then the nature will definitely teach tough lessons.

Man, who is intelligent and has thinking power, is under the illusion that everything under the sky is for him.

In order to warn the man for his arrogance and greed, the nature creates disasters like; floods, earthquakes. Unfortunately, we the humans have not learnt a lesson and have repeatedly failed to understand the importance of balancing and conserving the nature.

We salute the contribution by people and institutions that have reached out to the needy far and beyond, but....... it is temporary. Long term solution is required to balance the ecosystem for generation.

Our sincere appeal to every citizen is to stop:

  • Deforestation
  • Blocking the Drainage system by Encroachment
  • Dumping of industrial waste
  • Unplanned Mining
  • Government should stop high rise large dams and frequently excavate the slit from the lakes and water bodies

Keith Machado


From the Desk of President...

Members of the Diplomatic corps, valued members of the Chamber and all protocol Observed. It would be remiss of me not to thank you all very sincerely for the trust you have shown in me with the acceptance of my nomination and the vote of confidence in me filling the rather large shoes worn by Mahesh Bagi. I want to personally commend Mahesh for his great contribution as President. Of course, the comfort I have is that as immediate past president he will still be able to guide me with the other past presidents. Yes we are operating in an extremely challenging environment from socio economic and political perspective where the backdrop is one labour unrest where the setting of precedents is having dire consequences, particularly to the private sector. Never before has the business sector needed stronger representation. A clear and concise message must be heard above the clamour and noise of the myriad of social, political and economic commentators out there. There is a need to stop posturing, turf protecting, start taking accountability and collaborating. We cannot have, if the environment is just about protecting our own individual party political and socioeconomic interests. In this respect, the Belgaum Chamber of Commerce continues to engage with its social partners.We are not afraid of robust debate and discussion. As a chamber we are very aware that what business needs to survive and grow is a stable environment, clear policy and a regulatory climate flexible enough to allow for innovation, but effective enough to ensure competition. Without resorting to gross pessimism, recent domestic events have highlighted the dearth of meaningful leadership. The role therefore of our Chambers of Commerce are being called into question- and rightly so! The path of our economic recovery is looking both longer and more fraught than we anticipated and Chambers need to walk alongside business. They must remain flexible and agile enough to change their offerings to meet the mercurial needs of a shifting global economy, but stable enough to build and maintain trust. It is only through collaboration that we will be able to deliver what business needs. We will build on the excellent work of Belgaum Chamber this past year for a new Chamber Paradigm where we work together to deliver services. This means far more than our fellow, we need to ensure we are reaching across our borders to our neighbours. Regional regulatory harmonisation is one way we can ensure that our non-tariff barriers are addressed, this will require an orchestrated advocacy plan if we are to reach the decision makers in our respective governments. I then say, who then is better equipped to lead the charge than Belgaum Chamber Fraternity? The fact that Belgaum chamber has already made significant headway in reaching out to our Belgaum chamber fraternity is immensely encouraging and something which I know the team will be building on in the coming year. We will find ways to build our chamber fraternity, and by creating more intra – regional trade, we will also be increasing the opportunities for international companies to offer their services and expertise. We must develop a knowledge economy to be globally competitive, to be an export – driven economy to attract foreign direct investment. The ultimate goal will be to approach national government and suggest a new framework for wage negotiation- a framework that is free of emotional rhetoric, that will allow our companies to get on with the business of growing our economy and creating jobs because, make no mistake, it is business that create jobs. What we need is for our leaders to create policy, legislation and regulations which facilitate the latter. The chamber will and must be measured by providing one stop shop facilities for small business and continue to act as a prodder for growth initiatives in the national economy. I am tremendously excited about my future in the chamber and look forward to working more closely with you all in the coming months.

Thank You 

Shridhar Uppin