The art of saving time

Make every day a little bit easier with these time-saving, stress-relieving shortcuts

Beat button blues

Fed up of having to ditch a favorite shirt or coat as there's a button missing? Simply applying a coat of clear nail varnish to the centre threads on each button will stop the thread breaking or fraying.

Help Keep Fight Costs Down

Make sure you delete your browser history everytime you go online to check flight rates for that holiday you long for. Although travel companies deny it, research sugests proces may increase when you visit a site multiple times thanks to stored information about previous searches.

Quick Battery Cheat

Need an AA battery but can only find a AAA in the drawer? Use the smaller size and fill up the remaining space with a ball of thin foil at the negative end. It will act as a conductor and should keep your gadget working until you can buy the correct size.

Chew yourself clever
If preparing for a presentation or trying to remember a speech, chew gum while making your notes - then chew the same flavour gum when you need to recall important information. Research shows you will find it easier and faster to access it.

Try a Memory Trick

Do you have panic attacks about whether you remembered to lock the door or turned off the coffee machine? If this the regular stress-point for you, try doing something unusual while going through your 'leaving-the-house- routine. Singing a new tune or jumping up and down a couple of times will ensure you remember doing it later.