Raw materials of steel & pig iron

Concern with the hike in prices of raw materials of steel & pig iron, the memorandum given to the District Commissioner of Belagavi, Shri M.G Hiremath from the Belgaum Chamber of Commerce & Industries here on Wednesday 16th December 2020, requesting to have stableprices of steel & pig iron. On this eve the president of The Belgaum Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Mr. Panchakshari Chonnad, SeniorVice President, Mr. C C Hondadkatti, Second Vice President , Mr. Hemendra Porwal, Honorable Secretary, Mr. Kiran Agadi, Managing
Committee Member , Mr. Sachin Sabnis, Mr. Basavraj Juvali, Mr. Rajendra Mutgekar Trading Committee Chairman Mr. Rohit Kapadia andother industrial fraternity of the Belgaum Chamber of Commerce & Industries were present.